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Levean is a 100% natural dietary supplement - now recommended by doctors such as Dr. Saba Xulfiqar - a Masters in Public Health and Clinical Research, and Bachelor of Medicine / Bachelor of Surgery.

The supplement is 100% natural/herbal - and contains NO artificial ingredients, NO fillers, and NO coloring.

By taking Levean daily, you can enjoy the wide range of health benefits including reduced high blood pressure and cholesterol, blood sugar control, reduced inflammation and discomfort, a strengthened immune system, improved skin health, and more.

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Why Do People Love Levean?

Lower Blood Pressure

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Insulin Regulation

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Lower LDL Cholesterol

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Reduced Inflammation

Reduction of arthritic and digestive inflammation

Improved Immunity

Anti-oxidant properties

Cardiovascular Health

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levean benefits review ingredients safe
levean benefits review ingredients safe
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How Does it Work So Well?


Astaxanthin is one of the strongest known antioxidants. Derived from ocean krill, it has proven heart and cardiovascular benefits. (Independent sources, research, and studies here)


Forskolin is clinically proven to aid with weight loss. It also regulates blood pressure, can assist with nerve repair, and provide antibiotic and anti-inflammatory effects. (Independent sources, research, and studies here)


Curcumin has been a major part of Indian and Middle-Eastern diets for over a thousand years. It has anti-inflammatory properties and also acts as a strong antioxidant. (Independent sources, research, and studies here)

CoQ 10

CoQ10 exists in all of our cells. Our regular CoQ10 levels get lower as we age and can only be restored through supplementation. (Independent sources, research, and studies here)


Several studies on Chromium has shown it to lower “bad” (LDL) cholesterol, and to elevate “good” cholesterol and in effect may contribute to reduce the risk for heart attack or stroke. (Independent sources, research, and studies here)


Resveratrol has been studied heavily for its life extension properties, anti-inflammatory effects, and more. It is believed to protect the cardiovascular systems in the body. (Independent sources, research, and studies here)

Vitamin D3

Last but not least - Levean contains 8000 IU of Vitamin D3, more than most nutritional supplements out there. Vitamin D3 is gaining more and more interest from doctors and scientists who are doing research on cancer and heart disease. (Independent sources, research, and studies here)

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