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I'm what some people call a bit whacky, because I spend so much time reading and studying about herbs, minerals, and vitamins before I make a purchase of something new that I have never tried. The Levean anti-aging supplement caught my interest when I found it while reading up on some astaxanthin products.

They have a pretty bottle (in fact, so pretty that I was skeptical at first thinking it was one of those poorly made generic products camouflaged with nice packaging), but of course it is what is inside that counts!

So anyway, after about a month worth of usage, I gotta say I'm a new fan of this. This product isn't designed to give you a quick boost of feelgood. It's designed to alter your health and life for the better, for the rest of your life!

To the folks at Levean; you have here a truly remarkable product that I hope will stay around for years to come. Keep up the good work!

amazon review

I was one of the first people to try Levean (through a promotional offer), and I couldn't be happier with not only the purchase, but also the process and overall experience with this brand.

Someone who values their health very highly, I have tried many supplements that help control insulin and regulate my blood sugar. Not only that, but I have consistently made an effort to eat foods like turmeric (which is what one of the ingredients "Curcumin" stems from within the Levean formula), ginger, sweet potatoes etc.

It isn't always easy to get a hold of all the foods that are great at regulating blood sugar, let alone also contain all your micro-nutrients and anti-oxidants within a regular busy schedule.

This is why I really love the Levean blend, it has a powerful mix of ingredients (all from natural sources) that provides you so many of the vital things needed in today's modern diet. Since I am so busy, I feel good knowing I can get regulate my blood sugar, get my daily dosage of viatmin D3 and get a boost from all the anti-oxidants within 1 pill.

Also I wanted to mention, that I have tried a few formulas similar to this one, but Levean is cheaper and has better ingredients over the ones I have used.

Thanks for the great product!

Ok, so I'm always a bit hesitant when I buy something I haven't heard a ton about beforehand. I usually try samples first but... I'm going to start taking ALOT more chances now because of this product. This is such a hidden gem I can't believe this isn't all over the place yet. For starters, I've been having severe back pains that have seriously killed my productivity at work.

This has been going on for a long time and while my boss had been pretty understanding and lenient, he recently started to hint at me losing my job over it. After talking to my friend about it he recommended I try Levean. I had never heard of it before but took my friends advice and wow I owe him for it now.

After taking it for about a month and a half it's like I'm a new person. The back pain comes back *AT TIMES* but I'm extremely confident that if I continue taking Levean it will be completely gone soon. On top of that, my overall health feels amazing compared to before I started taking this which can't help but put me in a great mood. My boss is happy, my wife is happy, and I'm more than happy I found this.

Where do I start when it comes to Levean? I had only heard about a few of the ingredients in this product before it caught my interest. The more I read about it on their website and from other reviewers, I decided to give it a go. The first few days I took Levean, I noticed a bit of a `herbal' smell when I burped. But as another Levean user pointed out to me - this was because I had been taking the capsules on an empty stomach! I'm not one for reading directions, so my bad. Yes the bottle says clearly that you should take them with or before a meal and there's probably a reason why they wrote that.

Anyway - I came here not to write about that but about my pleasant experiences with Levean so far. This is indeed a pretty remarkable formula. I would have liked to see vitamin C added to it but I can always take my vitamin c's separate so that's not a big deal. As for the rest - you are getting a lot of value in two small capsules. The main reason I wanted to try it was for the Astaxanthin and Forskolin. These are two very powerful ingredients that I think we will hear more about in the media and health professionals in the coming years. It's nice to see a product that already has both of these included and at the correct daily dosage.

Astaxanthin is something hardly any of us get into our diet at all (I believe it comes from krill oil in the northern Atlantic ocean or something like that). Anyway - this is a very strong antioxidant that you should consider taking regularly. With all the other ingredients in here as well, you have a winner. Now I wish Amazon would let me subscribe to these. Does anyone know how I can do that?

amazon review

The mixture of ingredients in this product is what made me want to try it. I have yet to see another supplement on the market do what Levean has done with this product, that is to mix powerful things like astaxanthin forskolin curcumin and coq10 in one and the same capsule. Thanks to the Levean company for daring to be different!

So this supplement has now basically replaced a few other things I was taking before, since the daily dosages cover most of my needs. The only other thing I take separately now is Vitamin C and fatty acids like omega threes. I highly recommend trying Levean to people looking for an overall great daily supplement.

amazon review

After reading the nice writeup on this by the guys on, I had to give it a shot. I have not been disappointed.

This is an ingredient blend with TONS of research behind it, yet practically none of this will be found in *any* multivitamin out there.

I've been taking it with lunch, after my morning coffee has worn off, and I swear, every time I get a decent jolt of extra energy. It's got to be from the CoQ10 or some other ingredient inside that I just haven't taken before because it's always been too expensive. So I'm certainly feeling it.

I definitely recommend you look into the research on each ingredient, and compare against what's in your multivitamin. Chances are, you'll be getting all sorts of new benefits that you really weren't getting before.

Since it's made in a GMP certified facility, that gives a nice sense of trust too. Oh, and did I mention how nice the bottle smells?

Overall, wonderful product, and I recommend it just for that little energy blast with food. Feels good!!