Frequently Asked Questions

Is Levean safe to take along with other supplements or medications?

If you are taking other supplements/medication that affect blood pressure, we recommend consulting with your doctor about possible interactions before taking Levean.

Should I take it on an empty stomach or with food?

Levean should be taken along with food for optimal absorption. 

Will I be able to "feel" the effects of Levean?

You might, but not all people do. Think of Levean as similar to taking a multi-vitamin product. It's a product that works and benefits your health over the long term. You can also see what our customers say about their personal Levean experiences here.

I sometimes get unpleasant 'burps' after taking Levean, what can I do to prevent this?

This typically happens if Levean is taken on an empty stomach or without adequate food / drink. The product should be taken with food for optimal absorption, and doing it this way you shouldn't experience this.

What makes Levean different than other supplements of this type?

Levean is the first and only supplement on the market that combines certain true and tested herbs, minerals, vitamins, and anti-oxidants into one daily serving - all focused on improving and balancing common health issues such as heart health, blood sugar, cholesterol, anti-aging, anti-inflammation, nerve repair, and more.

Read more about the research (here) backing all the ingredients in Levean to learn why these ingredients combined into an all-in-one supplement is unlike anything else on the market.

How long have you been in business?

Levean was established in 2012. 

Can I get Levean monthly on a subscription plan?

Yes, in the past, we only sold individual bottles - but based on a lot of customer requests we are now offering a subscription plan. A few times a year, we also offer promos where discounts are available on the subscription. You can heck for current promotions here.